Clear Float Glass

Clear Float is a basic type of glass. It is made of molten glass which flows through tin bath and then to the lehre. The glass is almost perfectly flat, with no distortion or optical defects. It is the most common material for further processing.

 * Advantages
   •Smooth and flat surface and good vision
   •Excellent optical performanceQQ图片20180725165332.png
   •Stable chemical properties
   •Resistant to acid, alkaline and corrosion
   •Flexible size specifications, minimizing cutting loss
   •Substrata for each level of glass processing

 * Application
   •Windows and doors
   •Commercial and civil buildings
   •Exterior facade for commercial and residential buildings
   •Interior applications for furniture and partitions
   •Substrates for various compound glass


    2-19 mm

 * Size

   920*1016mm, 1830*2134mm, 1830*2440mm, 1650*2134mm, 1650*2440mm, 1650*1830mm, 1830*2134mm,    1830*2440mm, 1650*2134mm, 1650*2440mm, 3660*2440mm, 3660*2134mm, 3660*2440mm, 3300*2134mm,      3300*5000mm

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