Ultra Clear Float Glass

  Ultra Clear Float Glass is a kind of glass with increased translucency obtained by reducing the content of iron oxide in the glass. Thanks to its characteristics and translucency – particularly noticeable at the edges, it is used where perfect transparency and color purity is important.


   •Excellent clarity and transparency           
   •Offering a high level of light transmittance
   •Creating maximum light inside rooms 
   •Particularly beneficial for thicker laminated products
   •Ideal  for use in furniture

 * Application
    Orient low-iron glass is an interior glass that is designed for applications where its unique appearance      and optical qualities are of particular advantage such as 

   •Display cabinets
   •Glass furniture(when laminated)
   •Table tops, bars and desk tops
   •Shower screens

 * Thickness 

     2-25 mm

 * Size

     Minimum size: 820*1016mm 
     Maximum size: 3660*12500mm

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